Salmon Creek Ranch/Timaru Anatolian Shepherds
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Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
At Salmon Creek Ranch, we got the dogs for the livestock - not the livestock for the dogs.
Our isolated ranch is surrounded by coyote, bobcat, raccoon, badger, fox and mountain lion. We needed a versatile, athletic and adaptable predator control system to protect birds to goats to us. We found the solution in the Anatolian Shepherd, an ancient breed from Turkey. These magnificent creatures have lived with their flocks under the most rigorous of conditions for thousands of years and are one of the oldest and most natural methods of predator control. We also believe it possible, with selective breeding and rigorous selection, to produce dogs that are healthy, sound, well-tempered and adhere to the Standard of the Breed: Anatolians who look like Anatolians and can do the job they were bred to do. Interestingly, while the neighboring ranches have all lost large numbers of hoofstock to predation, we've been most fortunate in that regard. Coincidence? We don't think so.....
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Meet the Anatolians who Protect Salmon Creek Ranch
Tallulah mounir
Ch. Muhsin of Timaru
OFA Hips: Good         OFA Elbows: Normal    Thyroid: Normal
BIS OH-BIS GCHB. Timaru Tallulah

OFA Hips: Good         OFA Elbows: Normal
OH-BIS GCHG. Timaru Serag Mounir
OFA Hips: Excellent     OFA Elbows: Normal    Thyroid: Normal
BISS GCHB. White Oaks Wiesje, D.O.M.
OFA Hips: Excellent    OFA Elbows: Normal      Thyroid: Normal
Bear  esme
"Fluffy" "Anatole"
BISS OH-BIS GCH Timaru Bekci Ayisi
OFA Hips: Excellent      OFA Elbows: Normal    Thyroid: Normal
BISS GCh. J-Haven's Esmeray of Timaru
OFA Hips: Good        OFA Elbows: Normal       Thyroid: Normal

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