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         Kiko Goats
Apache -  Our Purebred Kiko Herd sire Mingo - Our 100% New Zealand Kiko Buck Another photo of Apache
Salmon Creek Ranch has 100% purebred AKGA* registered Kiko Goats with bloodlines going back to the original imports from New Zealand through Goats Unlimited stock. We also have a limited number of AKGA registered 100% New Zealand Kikos. Our goats are free to roam on over 400 acres of natural forage (certified organic) and we track EPD** data on all goats produced in order to align our breeding program as closely as possible to the original goals of the Kiko. That means, a goat that is an easy kidder, a good mother with plenty of milk, parasite resistant and relatively trouble free.  Our does kid unassisted in the pasture and kids are raised without supplements. We breed for meat production and occasionally, have stock for sale, either with AKGA registration or commercial grade (without papers). And, while it has nothing to do with the quality of the meat, we do like color in our Kikos, as you can see from our current herd sires, pictured above. Pedigrees and further details upon request. Delivery negotiable.

"Apache", one of our Kiko bucks (photo at 8 months old)
Nutmeg and
Nutmeg with her twins.
April, 2008
goats in
Our goats spend their days freely foraging on our 400 acre ranch, then all trot home at the end of the day to tell us about their day and ask for snacks.
moose kids and igloo
Moose watching the kids play.
goats on
Not to be left out, here are some of our girls. Ever curious, ever optomisitc. After all, you might just have a treat in hand.....
Aggie (short for "Aggravation"), doing her balancing act for the camera. February, 2009
                      & mom
Six week old buckling
with Mom.

Salmon Creek Ranch Kikos: All our goats are 100% purebred AKGA* registered Kikos, along with a limited number of 100% New Zealands. Kikos are a meat goat from New Zealand ("Kiko" means "meat" in Maori.), which descend from goats first brought to the islands by Captain Cook. They are known to be particularly hardy, self-sufficient, parasite resistant, have fewer hoof problems and possess superb mothering skills. Such an independent animal was a perfect fit for our operation. As the health and well-being of our animals is a top priority, we keep our herd closed to outside animals and it is CL & CAE tested clear. We protect our goats from the many land and airborne predators in our area by a combination of Anatolian Shepherds (an ancient livestock guardian breed from Turkey) and electric fences.
Breeding stock:   We occasionally have AKGA registered* or commercial grade Kikos for sale. See our Goats for Sale page for details.
* Registered with the American Kiko Goat Association

Goat meat:    Our goats are  harvested at a local USDA inspected facility, vacuum-packed and can be picked up fresh at the ranch or delivered to local destinations as far south as San Francisco. A variety of cuts are available. Click here for further information.  Please email us or call us with your preferred cut and amount and we will get back to you with a quote. Shipping is available.

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