Salmon Creek Ranch, Bodega, CA
100% Grass-Fed/Finished Beef
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Our grass-fed/grass-finished beef is raised the natural way, without grain, antibiotics, GMO's or added hormones, on our certified organic pasture. For superior meat production, we use British breeds, including Scottish Highland cattle, that are well-suited to the rolling hills and cooling mists of the rugged Sonoma coast. Our huge, steep pastures increase our cattles' exercise compared to smaller and more level paddocks, building muscle, not fat. Our proximity to the coast (similar to all of Scotland) with its salty air further enhances the flavor of our beef. We only sell beef from our own cattle -- unlike many who claim a "network of trusted partner ranches" producing for them to expand sales.  We cut no corners -- our beef is dry-aged 21 days to enhance tenderness at extra expense, before butchering. All our cuts are USDA-inspected, labeled and vacuum-packed for maximum long-term freshness.
We ship anywhere in the continental USA.
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 TO ORDER, email us or call or text 707-775-9604. (See below for information on shipping, or visiting our on-farm store).

Advantages of Grass-Fed Beef: 
Most beef in the USA is produced from steers fed on corn, in crowded feedlots, to maximize fat and carcass weight in the minimum time. Corn is not a natural diet for cows, so to force digestion and combat insanitary feedlot conditions, hormones, antibiotics and other substances are fed to prevent casualties. The result is an artificial product that causes the bad rap that "red meat" has acquired in modern dietary science. Our grass-fed beef, on the other hand, comes from cattle that roam freely, foraging their natural diet of grass and browse at will. The resulting beef is much leaner, with far more Omega-3 fatty acids, the type of fat proven to be good for you. It is also high in cancer-preventing conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs ) and has 4 times as much vitamin E. In short, it is the type of food our bodies were originally designed for.

John and
                cows Packaging Options:
We sell beef either by the retail cut or by the quarter (quarter, half or whole animal); details of these options appear below.

Retail cuts:
If you would like to buy a rib eye steak, or 5 lbs of ground beef, or 2 chuck roasts, we can do that. You can choose any combination of any cuts we have, and we ship nationwide. The steers are humanely slaughtered and butchered in USDA-inspected facilities. The meat is dry aged for 21 days before being cut and vacuum packed in retail sized portions, the size you would find at any grocery store (but better tasting and healthier!). There is no minimum purchase.Our store

Whole & partial animals:
If you would like a good supply of premium beef in your freezer to use at your leisure, buying a quarter or half steer is the way to go. The animals are slaughtered on-farm by a State licensed butcher, basically eliminating any stress for the steer. The carcass is delivered to a State inspected facility for dry-aging and then is butchered into a wide selection of standard retail cuts, which are vacuum packed as above. The amount of space a quarter steer takes is approximately 3 to 4 cubic feet, or two boxes measuring 16"x20"x9".

On Farm Store:
All of our products, including our USDA-inspected dry aged gras
s fed beef, are available year-round at our on-farm store on our ranch in Bodega. Call us at (707) 775-9604 or email  to schedule a visit and to make sure what you need is currently in stock. Use of picnicing facilities and hiking on our 400 acres of trails is free for our customers.

Order by Phone or Email: For more information or to place an order, give us a call at 707-775-9604, or email us if you prefer. We are happy to answer your questions.

Online Store:
Click here.
(Our online store is a work in progress. Only a few cuts are featured there yet, so if you want something that is not listed, please call or email us.)

Shipping and Delivery: We ship anywhere in the continental USA. We can also deliver in person to San Francisco and some Bay Area locations, or you can pick up from us at our on farm store or at the Santa Rosa Certified Farmers Market on Saturdays at the Luther Burbank Center (corner of Mark West Springs Rd. & Hwy 101).

For CURRENT PRICING: see our Beef price list.


Last updated 5/9/2024